about us

Gathering around the table is a time for family, lively discussion, and of course good food.  And good food starts with good flavors. Good flavors start with Grandpa Jim's.

Grandpa Jim's is a family owned and operated business located in Pittsford Vermont. but for Jim Smith, it's more than a business, it is a passion.

Grandpa Jim was not satisfied with the choices of BBQ Sauces he found in stores. It was with this in mind that he set out to create his own unique line of sauces.  Grandpa Jim experimented until he created sauces that truly enhanced the flavors of the food and were versatile enough to use in everyday recipes on or off the grill.  That's what started Grandpa Jim's. We have since created other products for all your cooking needs.

Inspired by his pure surroundings in Vermont, he set out to make a sauce of natural ingredients with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. "I wanted our products to be as healthy as possible, since our customers are educated consumers and health conscious", said Grandpa Jim. "I take pride in a quality product and having quality ingredients is a big part of that.

We thank you for trying our products. Your questions and comments are appreciated.

Grandpa Jim has two grandsons Aidan and Jacob Smith of Proctor Vermont. And they both can't get enough of our Sweet & Tangy BBQ Sauce.